On behalf of the entire members of staff, I welcome you to Faculty of Agriculture This Faculty was approved by Senate of the University in 1982 but became operational in 1983. The Faculty is blessed with excellent human and material resources to give the best training in the field of agriculture and other non-agricultural fields of interest.
Presently the Faculty has seven fully established Departments, namely:

1)Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Services
2)Department of Animal Science
3)Department of Crop Science
4)Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management
5)Department of Forest Resources and Wildlife Management
6)Department of Soil Science and Land Management
7)Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Senior academic staff heads each of these departments and are available to attend to your academic needs from time to time. The Faculty promotes and enhances the training of agriculture graduates that are equipped with skills for self-dependence in various agricultural fields. Furthermore, the Faculty collaborates with relevant Research Institutes and or organizations in the training of students and staff. We are glad to say that we interact regularly with NGOS, State governments as well as Federal Government of Nigeria for the advancement of training of both students and staff in various agricultural fields. Once again you are welcome to Faculty of agriculture and wishing you the best as you collaborate with us.

By Prof. E.R. Orhue
Dean of the Faculty