Welcome to the faculty of Agricultural Science, this faculty develop programmes covering the broad areas of agriculture, forestry and fisheries also turn-out production-oriented graduates in agriculture, forestry and fisheries by making it mandatory for each student to maintain a plot in the field, a pen of animals or be in a team to manage fish ponds. we train personnel capable of teaching and conducting relevant research in Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry & Wildlife; and capable of taking up employment anywhere in Nigeria (at home)and abroad in any aspect of Agriculture and related areas, we also produce graduates who will profitably put their skills into operation by establishing and operating their own farming enterprises. The Faculty of Agric produce extension workers who should be able to communicate effectively with rural farmers taking cognizance of their present level of awareness and emerging technologies, conduct research into various aspects of Agriculture, Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries also establish a viable commercial farm, organize regular agricultural clinics where staff and students will advise farmers on practical problems and Engage in other agricultural activities including community service, Teachers Industrial Work Experience(TIWES), publication of research works.