Dr. O.M. Wangboje (HOD, Aquaculture & Fisheries Management)

The University of Benin is situated within an ecological region of intensive capture and culture fisheries activities. Within this ecological zone, adjacent to the Nigerian coastline there are 56 big rivers richly endowed with natural resources that drain into the Atlantic Ocean. The need to manage the natural aquatic resources for sustainable development formed the basis for the establishment of the Department of Fisheries to develop the essential human resources.

Goals and objectives
(i) The objectives of this Department are to be a center of excellence in Fisheries and Aquatic Studies and provide services to the University, public and private sectors in all areas relating to fish production and the environment.
(ii) To produce graduate students who will be useful to themselves, the public and private sectors of the economy in the area of sustainable fish production and environmental management
(iii) To produce graduate students whose knowledge and practical experience can compare with such students produced by similar institutions within and outside Nigeria for the purpose of exchange of knowledge, scholarship and experience.
(iv) To be a consulting center for all agencies that has anything to do with fisheries and aquatic studies.