Prof. J.A. Imasuen ( Head of Department, Animal Science)

To develop as a Department of Animal Science that will excel in the field of Animal production and Nutrition, Mini livestock Conservation, Food Science and Technology, Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Tropical Animal physiology and Sustainable Feed Resources, and Animal Health through Teaching, Research, Consultancies and extension and effective collaboration with consequent benefit of humanity.

To enhance the quality of human life, through developing Animal and Food Science to ensure the sustainability of production systems and to conserve the natural resources, animals and environment for future generations. And to inform Public Understanding as well as cooperate with other Institutions with the aim of blossoming as a world referral centre in our various specialties.

Goals and objectives
(i) To develop programs as well as routine updates in the areas of Animal Science, Animal Products, Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, Agricultural Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Specialist extension and Mini livestock conservation.
(ii) To turn out production-oriented graduates in our field through practical oriented and, local and international relevance, capacity building and training.
(iii) To produce personnel who are capable of teaching initiating and, conducting environmentally relevant and sustainable Researches
(iv) To produce graduates for both public and private sectors, as well as proud entrepreneurs.
(v) To produce extension workers, to organize extension linkages and activities. Organize August Short term schools, gender studies in our field and collaborations including on-farm, on-village on-urban adaptive researches.
(vi) To conduct research in various aspects of our field including collaborations and external linkages.
(vii) Engage in Local and International related shows, exhibitions, exchanges, programmes and academic linkages
(viii) To conduct specialized, systematic, purposeful and meaningful research in livestock waste products’ conservation.
(ix) To provide a forum for the discussion of Scientific, social and educational problems relevant to the development of animal production and health, Food Science and Technology, Agric Biochemistry and Nutrition, among others. And to support the publication of Scientific and educational materials related to our discipline.
(x) To establish a Documentation Centre and data bank on tropical Animal Science.
(xi) To do all such things that are incidental or conductive to the above objectives directly, and conductive to, or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives including the relevancies emanating from human civilization dynamics and Alumni relations.