Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension Services (AEE)


The Department is poised to turn competent manpower in Agricultural Economics, Farm Management, Agricultural marketing, project appraisal, agricultural extension communication and administration as well as Agricultural Cooperatives and rural development

Department of Animal Science (ANS)
To develop as a Department of Animal Science that will excel in the field of Animal production and Nutrition, Mini livestock Conservation, Food Science and Technology, Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Tropical Animal physiology and Sustainable Feed Resources, and Animal Health through Teaching, Research, Consultancies and extension and effective collaboration with consequent benefit of humanity.

Department of Crop Science (CRS)
The vision of the Department of Crop Science is an ultimate transformation of Crops research and food crops production technology for sustainable socio-economic development in Nigeria, with emphasis on the south-south geo-political zone.

Department of Fisheries (FIS)
The University of Benin is situated within an ecological region of intensive capture and culture fisheries activities. Within this ecological zone, adjacent to the Nigerian coastline there are 56 big rivers richly endowed with natural resources that drain into the Atlantic Ocean. The need to manage the natural aquatic resources for sustainable development formed the basis for the establishment of the Department of Fisheries to develop essential human resources.

Department of Forestry &Wildlife (FOW)


The vision of the Department is to undertake high level human resource development through research, training and technology transfer to ensure sustainable development of forest resources as well as the environmental and social impact on these resources. This vision is enhanced by our mission to provide high level qualitative education and training in environmental conservation, social forestry, wood science and utilization, silviculture and forest biology, wildlife management, forest management and biometrics.

Department of Soil Science (SOS)


The vision/mission of this Department is to be center of excellence in Soil and Environmental Studies and provide satisfactory services to the University, general public and the private sector in all areas relating to the Soil and the Environment.