Welcome Address
It is with great delight that I welcome you to the Department of Crop Science domiciled in the Faculty of Agriculture. The Department has articulated its specific mission, vision and objectives in line with the vision and mission of the University. The courses were designed with a view to producing job-ready graduates in the Agriculture with appropriate skills and capacity for independent thinking, creativity and resourcefulness.

In the 1995/96 Academic Session, The then Department of Crop and Soil Science was split into two full-fledged Departments.

The vision of the Department of Crop Science is an ultimate transformation of Crops research and food crops production technology for sustainable socio-economic development in Nigeria, with emphasis on the south-south geo-political zone.

The mission of the Department is on the enhancement of Food Production through research and training qualified personnel needed for sustainable food crop production. Students will be trained and adequately equipped to be self-employed and job generators, rather than job seekers.

Goals and objectives
(i) Covering of research and teaching in areas of Crop production, improvement and protection, particularly in the lowland rainforest areas of Edo state.
(ii) Turn our Graduates in crop based disciplines e.g. Agronomy, Biotechnology, Crop protection and Horticulture;
(iii) To produce graduates in these field who will use the acquired skills in establishing their own Agro-business Enterprises;
(iv) To train Personnel capable of teaching and conducting research relevant in Crop-Science based disciplines and also capable of taking up employment in the Agricultural sector of the economy.
(v) Engage in any other Agricultural activities.
Department of Crop Science has a laboratory that measures about 20 m2 in area. The laboratory has facilities for crop, biotechnology, entomology and pathology researches. New equipment are expected to be delivered.