On behalf of members of Staff of the Faculty, I welcome both old and new Students to the University for the 20013/2014 Academic Session. For the new students, I am sure you are aware that our University is highly rated in Nigeria, Consequently, apart from counting yourself lucky to be admitted, all hands must be on deck to sustain the tempo by your hard work, conduct and services. Also, the motto of our University is “Knowledge for Service”. Hence, you all must make the best use of the uniqueness which the University environment provides for betterment of yourselves, humanity and your generation.

This new edition of the Prospectus has been updated to enable it overcome basic challenges that the previous ones have had since the Faculty of Agriculture commenced in this University in the 1983/84 Academic Session. As you read through the Prospectus, you will see that a Degree in Agriculture is embodied with diversification and versatility, being more than use of only hoes and cutlasses.

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